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Posted on 21 Feb 2022 in Dogs, Pet Care, Training, Behaviour

​Getting your dogs out and about safely in the NT

There are lots of great things to do with your pet in Darwin.

Some favourite dog friendly areas include:

  • Casuarina Coastal Reserve – a beautiful beach with a large section where your dog can run off leash (check signs for on and off leash areas).
  • George Brown Botanic Gardens – Explore these lovely gardens with your dog(dogs are allowed off leash but are not allowed in the…

Posted on 12 Dec 2016 in Puppies, Behaviour, Darwin, Dogs, Training

Socialising Your Puppy

Socialising your puppy early will go a long way to ensuring that you have a happy, well adjusted dog that interacts well with people and other animals.

Puppies that come from a background of poor socialisation can end up with long lasting behavioural effects. Socialisation is the most misunderstood part of puppy raising and has a huge impact on the happiness of your family later on.


Posted on 02 May 2013 in Cats, Training

Enriching Your Cat's Environment

With appropriate environmental enrichment, cats can be happily kept inside all the time. There are many benefits to keeping your cat indoors. Indoor cats don’t get hit by cars, they don’t get into fights with neighbourhood cats, and they don’t hunt wildlife (okay in Darwin most will still hunt the geckos). Whether your cat is inside all the time, or only part of…