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Vet Essentials Diet

A fantastic new diet made by Hill's pet food company has now arrived at All Pets!  A result of extensive research, the Vet Essentials diet is a unique wellness diet with clinically proven benefits.  

Feeding a complete and balanced diet to your pet is essential, and most commercial pet foods provide this, but feeding a premium diet such as the Hill's Vet Essentials diet has many additional benefits, and can help maximise your pet’s potential for a happier, healthier future.

The key benefits include:

1)     Oral Health (Canine and Feline adult formulations)

-        Special larger kibble size with clinically proven kibble technology naturally scrubs teeth clean like a toothbrush, reducing plaque and tartar build-up.

-        With dental disease being such a common problem in cats and dogs, this is a great way to help keep teeth and gums healthy. It is a common misconception that feeding any type of dry food will help clean the teeth, the reality is that most dog biscuits shatter when chewed and have minimal benefits for cleaning teeth. 

2)     Weight Management

-        Puppy and kitten formulations provide precisely balanced nutrition and high quality protein, to help achieve ideal body weight and ensure optimal growth and development.

-        Canine and Feline adult formulations are fibre-enriched and enhanced with L-carnitine to help maintain optimal body weight, build lean muscle and convert fat into energy. Obesity is very common problem in adult pets, and feeding the Vet Essentials diet can help maintain a healthy body weight, and help satisfy your pet’s appetite.

3)     Joint Health

-        Puppy formulation supplies clinically tested levels of omega fatty acids and provides building blocks for healthy joints and cartilage with natural glucosamine and chondroitin.  

-        Canine adult formulation is enhanced with natural glucosamine and chondroitin which provides the building blocks for healthy joints and cartilage.

4)     Healthy Digestion

-        Puppy and kitten formulation provides an optimal fibre mixture to help maintain a healthy digestive tract and firm stools.

-        Canine and feline adult formulations contain high quality, digestible ingredients to help maximise absorption of key nutrients, and an optimal fibre mix to help maintain a healthy digestive tract and firm stools. 

5)     Skin and Coat Health

-        All formulations contain omega fatty acids to nourish skin cells and hair follicles to rejuvenate the skin, promoting healthy skin and a luxurious coat.

6)     Immunity

-        Puppy and kitten formulations provide optimal levels of clinically proven antioxidants to help support and build a healthy immune system. 

7)     Feline Bladder health

-        Feline formulations provide an appropriate mineral balance to support development and maintenance of a healthy bladder.  It is also important to try to ensure that cats have an adequate water intake, especially when feeding a dry diet. 

8)     Brain Development

-        Puppy and kitten formulations contain increased levels of DHA to help support visual and cognitive development.

Which pets is the Vet essentials diet suited to? 

All puppies, kittens, adult cats and adult dogs, unless they have certain medical conditions, in which case a prescription diet may be recommended.

For senior pets (over 8 years of age, or over 6 for large breed dogs), Hill’s Science Diet Senior diets are recommended. 

With the Vet Essentials diet, all benefits have scientific evidence behind them, so we know that they have been shown to be effective.  They target some of the most common problems we see as vets, to help keep your pet happy and healthy.

Feeding guidelines:

When transitioning onto a new food, it is always best to mix your pet’s current food with the new diet, and gradually increase the amount of Vet Essentials over a 7 day period, while reducing the amount of the previous food.

Our nurses can work out a cost per day for feeding your pet the Vet Essentials diet, and help you with any questions.

All Hill's foods come with a taste satisfaction guarantee – if your pet won’t eat it, you can return the food to us for a full refund.

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