Posted on 06 Feb 2014 in Dogs, Cats, Anxiety

Changes Regarding Anti Anxiety Medication

Alprazolam is an anti-anxiety medication. The most common reasons a vet prescribes alprazolam is to help with anxiety associated with noise phobia or travel in dogs and cats.

As of 1st February 2014, the government regulations will change, and alprazolam will become a Schedule 8 (S8) medicine in all Australian States and Territories.

This affects the way that we are able to prescribe alprazolam for your pet.

Changes include:

1) No more than one month's supply can be dispensed at any one time.
2) Prescriptions are only valid for 2 months.
3) No repeat prescriptions are possible.

For pets that require alprazolam for several months during the storm season, this means that we are required to examine your pet every month in order to dispense alprazolam. Alternative medications may be an option for some pets, please talk to your vet for more details.

Prior to Territory Day is the time when we prescribe alprazolam most frequently. If one of our vets examines your pet up to 2 months prior to Territory Day, and we determine that alprazolam is appropriate, we can write a script for the medication. However if your pet has been seen more than 2 months ago, we will be unable to dispense alprazolam without a consultation. Please bear this in mind and don't wait until just before Territory day or we may not be able to organize a consultation in time!

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