Posted on 07 Jul 2014 in Dogs, Cats, Pet Insurance

Have you considered getting pet insurance?

Quite often pet owners will ask me whether they can get pet insurance after their pet has had a major injury or illness. Unfortunately it is not possible to get any insurance which will cover an injury or illness that has already happened. However if they had obtained pet insurance prior to the incident it would have been a huge help!

In Australia, most human medical costs are covered by government funding through Medicare. As a pet owner YOU are responsible for all of the costs, as your pet does not receive any government support for their healthcare. Caring for your pet, and their medical treatment, often costs more than people expect. Severe injuries or illnesses can cost thousands of dollars to treat.

As vets we are your pets GP, their surgeon, their anaesthetist, their dentist, their dermatologist, their radiologist, their pharmacist, as well as many other things!

We can treat most problems on site without having to refer your pet elsewhere, but the costs of being able to provide all of these services, and the equipment we require, are often high.

Having pet insurance can take the worry out of the costs associated with your pet's medical care. If you haven't already, it is really worth researching to see if pet insurance is the right option for you.

With most uninsured patients, finances restrict which tests and treatment options owners are able to choose. Pet insurance can take the worry out of the costs of your pet's health care, and can make it easier for us to provide your pet with the best possible care, without making compromises due to finances.

Which company to choose?

There are many different options for pet insurance, there is no one company that we can recommend over another, it is a matter of choosing the policy that is best for your situation. Different policies will have different excesses, and different limits. Many will charge more for certain breeds. Not all will cover dentistry. You can find a comparison chart here.

When to start Pet insurance?

The sooner the better! Insurances generally won't cover any pre-existing conditions, only new problems. If you have a puppy or kitten under 12 months of age, are able to offer 4 weeks free (no obligation) insurance, through a company called Petplan, our nurses can organise this for you after a vet visit.

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