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Posted on 02 Oct 2023 in Disease, Darwin, Dogs, Pet Care, Vaccines

Leptospirosis- Information about the disease and vaccinations

UPDATE 08/04/24 VACCINATION (C2i) NOW AVAILABLE Leptospirosis - information and the disease and vaccinations

Leptospirosis is a zoonotic bacterial disease, which means it affects both animals and humans. It is caused by Leptospira bacteria found specifically in infected animal urine and animal tissues. It can cause a range of symptoms in both humans and animals.


Posted on 19 Aug 2022 in Darwin, Dogs, Vets

Cane Toads and Our Pets

Cane toads are highly toxic and pose a threat to our pets and wildlife in the Northern Territory. As the wet season begins, the number of toads around increases. Our pets often find it tempting to chase and catch cane toads as they hop across the yard.

When attacked or threatened, cane toads release a toxin, called bufotoxin, from special glands at the back of their head. The cane toad’s toxin…

Posted on 07 Mar 2022 in Pet Care, Darwin, Dogs, Disease, Ticks

​Ehrlichiosis – what you need to know about protecting your dog from this disease spread by ticks

With the COVID pandemic we are all very aware of the impact of infectious diseases. In dogs in the Northern Territory and Western Australia we are currently dealing with an epidemic (a sudden outbreak of disease in a particular area) called Ehrlichiosis. Most dog owners have heard of this disease now, but many are unclear on what it actually is and whether it is something that their dog is at risk…

Posted on 28 Feb 2022 in Pet Care, Puppies, Desexing, Cats, Dogs

Desexing in dogs – When should they be desexed?

Desexing is a very commonly performed elective veterinary surgery. Desexing has traditionally been performed at 5-6 months of age in all breeds of dogs. As more information has become available about the pros and cons of desexing at certain ages, this decision has become more complex. There are many factors which need to be considered. We do not have any studies that provide unequivocal evidence…

Posted on 21 Feb 2022 in Dogs, Pet Care, Training, Behaviour

​Getting your dogs out and about safely in the NT

There are lots of great things to do with your pet in Darwin.

Some favourite dog friendly areas include:

  • Casuarina Coastal Reserve – a beautiful beach with a large section where your dog can run off leash (check signs for on and off leash areas).
  • George Brown Botanic Gardens – Explore these lovely gardens with your dog(dogs are allowed off leash but are not allowed in the…