Birds can make fantastic pets if they’re cared for properly, and they’ll keep their families entertained for many years.

Here are some important things you need to know about caring for your bird.

Darwin birds at the vet.

Diet and Nutrition

A proper diet is extremely important for birds. Many of the health problems we see in birds—such as sinus infections, respiratory problems and fatty tumours—can be the result of a poor diet.

Bird seed alone is not an adequate diet for birds. They can become addicted to certain seeds and pick only one seed out to eat, which can result in serious nutritional problems. We can recommend an appropriate diet for your bird.

Health Problems

Birds often mask the signs of illness and don’t display obvious signs of a problem until they’re very unwell. If your bird shows any indication that something’s wrong, it’s important to see the vet straight away.

It’s a good idea to bring the bird in a covered cage that has droppings on the floor so the vet can assess the appearance of the droppings.

We are able to take x-rays and blood samples to help investigate problems in birds.

Worming and Parasites

We recommend worming your bird every 3–6 months.

Spraying for mites is recommended every 6–12 weeks.

Wing Clipping

Clipping a bird’s wings incorrectly can lead to injury. We can quickly and easily clip your bird’s wings for you.